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Christie Keeling, Registered Massage Therapist and Cranial Sacral Therapist - Kent Massage Therapy & Wellness Centre Ottawa

Christie Keeling, BA, RMT

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Originally from the East Coast, I’m an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for healthy living. I feel most alive when hiking through the woods or along the coast. Before arriving at massage therapy I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, through which I developed strong skills of inquiry and exploration. I have always been drawn to body work, having a father who is an exceptional physio and cranio-sacral therapist and teacher. As a kid I had him to look up to, I could see that it was his passion for his work that kept him happy. I was amazed that he knew techniques to dispel a headache, get rid of back pain and generally improve the lives of those he touched (including my own). I am still amazed by his ability to continually help his clients.

I began at Kent Massage Therapy in January 2012 after graduating at the top of my class at the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage (ACTM). I was trained at ACTM under the guidance of great teachers (including my father) and therapists in specialized courses of myofascial therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, pregnancy (peri-natal) massage and sports massage. I gained experience working with clients with traumatic injuries and complex neurological conditions because of the school’s affiliation with the Stan Cassidy Center, a top facility in NB for neurological injuries.

Each body holds stress in a different way and each body is attuned to holding its own kind of stress. Throughout your treatment I try and tune into what it is that you are carrying in your tissues. I like to work with precise, slow moving techniques, combining massage with deep tissue myofascial and cranio-sacral techniques to get the best results for your body. I want to help your body forget its habitual postures and any negative affecting tissue patterns – to forget that you’ve been sitting at a desk all week or driving to Toronto and back over the weekend – and to help you find a new more natural way of holding yourself.

At Kent Massage I feel lucky to have found an environment that nourishes my need for learning, in a clinic that is centered on helping the client fully, seeking the origins of their pain and offering effective treatment and home care plans. I believe that with determination and treatment it is possible to live the life you want to live, free from chronic pain and with the ability to move with ease and confidence. I am continually inspired by the strength of my clients. I am astonished by the compassionate skill of my coworkers. I am amazed by the interconnectedness of the body. I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • The Basics and More - 09/2013 - McKeel Seminar Group, Gary Keeling, Ottawa ON
  • CranioSacral Therapy 1 - 11/2013 - Upledger Institute International, Toronto ON 
  • Intermediate level- 05/2014 - McKeel Seminar Group, Gary Keeling, Ottawa ON
  • CST for PTSD and Post-Concussion Syndrome - 09/2015 - 5th CST Alliance Retreat, New Hampshire
  • Somato-Emotional Elements 1 (SE1) - 12/2015 - CST Alliance, Don Ash, Rochester NH
  • Somato-Emotional Elements 2 (SE2) - 04/2016 - CST Alliance, Don Ash, Rochester NH
  • Pediatric CST Workshop -09/2016 - 6th CST Alliance Retreat, Portsmouth NH

Freedom & Health Through Fascial Movement - 09/ 2010 - Fredericton, NB

Soft Tissue Release Training Workshop - 07/2011 - Fredericton, NB